Vocalist/pianist/songwriter Maggie Laird performs originals, jazz standards, and a range of multi-genre favorites. According to Scott Yanow, author of The Jazz Singers, "Her music can be thought of as jazz with a pop sensibility, displaying her roots in rock, pop, cabaret and the theatre while always having the spirit of jazz."

Maggie's first solo album, a 5-song EP of originals, was recorded in Nashville and given a 5-star review by All That Jazz:  "One More Manhattan unveils Laird's versatility, from vocal jazz to country to pop. Laird balances it all with a soulful, sexy vocal style and stellar instrumentation from her top-drawer band." 

Maggie has had a diverse career as a stage actress, the  music director for countless theatrical productions, and as a singer and pianist in several genres ranging from swing to rock. She hit the Seattle scene with the original New Wave group, Blackwood-Laird, spent the '90's working on cruise ships and honing new skills, and from 2000 on, performed as vocalist for the acclaimed Island Jazz Quintet. Both bands released recordings receiving wide airplay and acclaim. One More Manhattan is Maggie's first solo album, and in many ways reflects all these experiences, each song with a distinctive style and atmosphere, uniquely entertaining and infectious..

Drawing from her wealth of experience in the theatre, Maggie is a natural  performer, from solo piano/vocal shows to large productions and Big Band. Her touring shows include singing tributes to Kurt Weill, Peggy Lee, and the Gershwins. Reviewing her appearances at the Full House Cabaret, Rich Rubin of Quince Productions writes: "Maggie Laird is one of the most talented cabaret performers Philadelphia has been lucky enough to see in recent years. With her impeccable musical abilities and uniquely quirky presence, she fills the stage with humor, drama, and magic. "